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I am interested in the polyphony of being – the ways in which we are often simultaneously engaged with multiple times, places and modes of self (memories, dreams, streams of consciousness and synesthesia). For example, I may be out walking the dog, I ‘m engaged with his world view, perceiving the landscape and all that it invokes within me. I may also be listening to music which transforms the mood of the landscape or engenders a synesthesia of patterns and kinetic sculptural forms. Add to the mix, talking with a companion either present or dislocated on the cell and all the reflections, trains of thought and shifts in frames of reference that involves. Checking emails or wandering through cyberspace or suddenly recalling an event, a dream, a passage from a book. All of these shifting, readjusting and intertwining states of being are what I want my paintings to be.

In some of my pieces there can be a sense of unfolding narrative structure. However there is no clear set story being told, rather the work is open to narrative possibilities.  I tend to have many pieces on the go at the same time. Consequently, a series of works can become interconnected like chapters in a non-linear narrative -  as characters and possible alternative situations develop and carry over from one piece into another.