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For me, the interrelating of figuration and abstraction serves to disrupt fixed categories of being, offering glimpses of othernesses beyond habitual perception and thought.

While immersed in painting, I inhabit a unique spatial realm that is palpably not two dimensional nor does it seem to be three dimensional. It even possesses it own temporal qualities, simultaneously unfolding and remaining still as traces of events. It is in part an image and yet possesses a physicality comprising a complex interaction of multiple elements on various levels. These elements, from differently processed linseed oils and grounds to calcite and fumed silica, have virtually endless potential permutations and combinations which commingle and are inseparable from the unfolding of the subject matter and compositional structure of the painting.

Painting’s multivariant process so aptly mirrors the shifting, readjusting and intertwining levels of reality and states of being my paintings tend to be about. I want to incorporate into my work a broader sense of being which includes our mental lives (memories, dreams, streams of consciousness, perceptual shifts and the like) intermingling with other selves in an external world – a world at times conceptualized on different orders of magnitude, from the quantum to the astronomical scale. 


I am interested in the polyphony of being – the ways in which we are often simultaneously engaged with multiple times, places and modes of self. Memories, dreams, streams of consciousness and the like - all of these shifting, separating and intertwining states of being are what I want my paintings to be.

Some of the works suggest unfolding narrative structures. However, there is no clear set story being told, rather the work is open to narrative possibilities. Characters and possible situations, including the internal mental states of the characters, may carry over from one piece into another, so that a series of larger works become interconnected like chapters in a non-linear narrative or are alternative parallel narratives.